Sunday, April 7, 2013

See Ya In Two, Elder!

Xavi's friend, Tyler Liddiard, left the day before Xavi.  He is going to Bogota, Columbia!  
 Xavi and Tyler

Xavi, Mercedes and Tyler
(Mercedes and her two brothers)

Xavi and Derek

Elder Liddiard saying goodbye to Derek

Tyler left on Tuesday, March 26, and that was the day Xavi was set apart, and had to say goodbye for two to his friends.  

Derek, Marisa, and Taylor 

 Samantha, Mitch and Annie

 Sara, Sam and Kali

 Cody, Austin and Paul

 Zac and Xavi

 Xavi and Amy
(Amy helped Xavi survive seminary and was his Trek sister!)

Paul, Xav, Taylor and Cody

Xavi and Taylor

Xavi and Cody

Xavi and Paul

Xavi and Zac

 Xavi and Connor

Mitch and his buddy, Kramer

Group Hug! 

 Mitch's best buddies are leaving him! Poor Mitch! :(

 Xavi and Taylor

Annie, Xavi and Samantha

Handshakes for all the girls! 

 These kids have all been buddies since kindergarten! 

Xavi and Sam

Kali's Prime Moment :)

 Xav and Austin

Awh! Xav and Brady
 Xav and Mitch 

 Sam and Xavi

 See ya in two, buddy! Mitch and Xav

 Bear Hug from Derek

Christal and Xav
(We love Crunchy! She has been a part of our family for 3 years and she's a great support to Xavi!)

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