Monday, June 17, 2013

Week 12

Hello mom and dad and Mercedes and Christal and everyone! Everything is going great!! The baptism for Brigitte was really awesome, I baptized her, we ended up not being able to go to the party because the missionaries from the mtc came and contacted in our area and we were in charge of 24 missionaries! it was fun and actually kinda a relief to talk to people who have less experience than me! I'm no longer in the new group because we get new missionaries today!! pretty awesome!! Transfers are this week, so i could get transferred until about Wednesday, they will call us and tell us where we're going or if we're staying! its crazy, they call and you have to be ready to leave in like an hour! So I haven't moved yet but we will see! 

It's not really pollution here its more just dust and fog always, it really is dreary but I'm getting used to it now, and i like it when its really foggy! Yeah we have a lot of people progressing! we have 2 baptisms next Saturday! its really crazy! when we contact people either give us a day to come back or else we go right in and teach them! its pretty awesome. A lot of our referrals are actually pretty good too! we have a lot of success right now and i think in the next 6 weeks we should have probably 6 more baptized!! its nuts!! 

We usually have time with members to get referencias and they always try to give us food but we can't eat the things they cook, only on Sundays can we eat with the members!!

hahaha you have a ton of questions!! Its kinda cold, i bought a sweater and usually just wear that, if i stay in Lima i probably won't need my coat honestly.. but we will see cause apparently august is the most cold, but its nothing like the cold at home! Pariachi has only little stores, so for most big things we go to chaclacayo where they have stores called metros that are kinda like smiths and have everything!! 

Unless i go to the huancayo mission this week i will only be in Lima, but eh its okay! I'm used to it now and it doesn't really matter! We pay 80 soles for 1 month of wash which is like 30 dollars and that's not from our money! the mission pays for that! I'm glad you had fun in Cali! I wish i could have come but I'm kinda busy!! hahaha! AH i wanna see the beach here!! but its far from where i am kinda, its not in my mission! but it might be cause the missions here all are changing areas! That's awesome about the cotton candy!!  The Manti pageant thing sounds really fun too! remember when we went and it was that crazy storm!! 

Oh man Steve, i hope everything will be okay, i will definitely pray for him this week! 

So a couple more things from this week!! This week i learned that there is definitely and force working against us. One of our investigators was telling us about an experience he had after he had been reading what we wanted to him and prayed about it. He woke up in the night and heard a man calling his name from the next room, he said at first he thought it was just his dream but then he heard it really clearly again when he knew he was awake. He said he had the worst feeling hes ever had and just felt cold! its crazy, its like what happened to Joseph smith! it gives me the chills! But he knew it wasn't of god and that it was a testimony that the changes he was making are the right thing to do to keep that kinda thing out! it was really crazy and creepy cause it was like 9 at night when he told us! 

Also this week i went to Lima with all the north Americans for our migrations! it was awesome because it was a full day of only speaking English! everything went well, we did Interpol! so now we have our Peruvian ids which is pretty cool, they just got all our info and stuff. this week i think i will go back again to finish up! that's pretty much all the cool stuff that went on this week! I hope all is well with you mom, i miss you so much and i hope you're doing great! 

Love you so much and take care!

Xavi's First Baptism June 15, 2013

The Church!  I said to him at least it is nice and clean on the inside and he said, "yeah, but not on the outside"!

Xavi and Elder Diaz!

Look how cute!  His Pension sets up a nice table in all of that construction!

The whole zone at the temple June 6, 2013!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Week 11

He sent this and said, "Terrible Huh"?

Peru Templo

Hola mom! Everyday is super busy it’s crazy! When we go to the temple it’s our whole zone! So 14 of us! It was really cool to be able to go back into the somewhat normal part of Peru! That’s cool about the pictures! I most likely won’t see Nate again after this transfer unless I get moved to huancayo! Oh yeah that could happen this week by the way so if I’m delayed on writing that’s why! Because it’s the last week of the cambio! Yeah our first baptism of a little girl is on Saturday so that will be pretty awesome! I’ll make sure she has all the stuff she needs! Her mom is having a party after the baptism which should be pretty cool! Hopefully we don’t die from the food! hahah! Yes I’m with elder Diaz but I think because we get along so well that this will be our last week! But we will see! I haven’t gotten the box yet but maybe tomorrow because Tuesday is when we get mail! hahah rabitto!!! He is our dog! He is really cool; dogs here know their houses like cats so he will walk with us all the way to the bus stop and all over the place! He got hit by a bus at some point we heard and he’s kind of coo coo but he’s nice, but really gross! He likes to fight other dogs so he’s all cut up and what not but eh it’s normal! Nasty dogs here seriously, the dogs native to here have no hair and they are disgusting!!! 

Yeah we always have those yellow potatoes! I told dad every lunch! For breakfast we have some meat with pan y some avocado! It’s pretty good! Usually something similar for cena! We eat a ton for lunch and then not so much for dinner, I’m used to it now! I’m getting a lot better with my stomach; I think I’m getting used to the food now! It’s nice. Yeah it’s rough to wake up that early for soccer but eh its fun! We don’t have any other time to play really! Well mom will try to send some pics and I hope you’re all having fun in Cali! I love you so much and thank you for everything!! Have a fun week! 


Friday, June 7, 2013

He's Alive!

Ok, so this has been a long week.  We always here from Xavi on Mondays.  This week no email.  I told Ted if we don't hear from him by Wednesday we are going to call Peru....  Well, nothing!!  So, Ted calls and they tell him that they changed his p-day this week to Thursday because they have planned a trip to the temple!  Well, ok, but you have to let us know these things!!  He said they tracked him down and it was funny!  (He said, "I knew you would call mom"!  Your'e right I will call.  I told him that they need to let me know when things happen or I will call the First Presidency! HEHEHE  (I really would!!)  Anyway, needless to say he is fine and he knows that we love and miss him.  Here is his most recent letter and pictures from the Mission President!

Hey mom! Whew I will try to respond to everything on here!! I am seriously just always tired, but I can wake up without it being too bad now which is pretty cool, it’s really hard for my companion though, but I just yell at him and he jumps up, it’s really funny! 

For the we just shut the door, it’s in the back and it’s not really a problem, plus we don’t really have the time to fix stuff! But we have hot water now! Our neighbor rigged up our hot water thing, it’s like a little drizzle, but hey it’s hot!! 

The language is rough still but I can pretty much understand all, I just have to focus super hard every lesson and i can get whats going on but by the end of the day I understand less and less because I’m so tired of trying to figure out what they’re saying, but teaching is going great!

The little girl Bridgett is getting baptized the 15 of June along with a teenager named Patty! One of them will be my first baptism!! Awesome yeah??? and we have another baptism on the 22 of June!!  It is crazy how the lord puts us in peoples houses who are just ready to be baptized!! Last night we went to a couples house who the man is a less active and his wife is a non member, we were going to teach the importance of marriage and when we walked in they said they were ready to be married on the 22nd and that afterwards the woman wants to be baptized! What the crap? hahah it is so awesome! Transfers don’t happen until about the 17th of this month, I will most likely stay put and be in Lima for the rest of my mission! Which kinda sucks but hey it doesn’t really matter where I wanna be! It is sad though because Elder Turner is in the huancayo mission! So he won’t be in my mission anymore!! 

The dogs, eh it’s not so bad, they come at us sometimes but we just use the dazzer, throw rocks or use our book of Mormons to smack them! It’s pretty funny! 

It sounds like you are all having fun though with the young women’s stuff and with Mercedes going to t swizzle!!! That is awesome!!
Ah, that makes me happy about grandma too, she needs to enjoy herself and I hope she will! Tell her hello for me!!

Wow grandpa is 80!! that is crazy!! He’s getting up there; I hope you can fix his van!!

I went to the Lima temple today and the rooms are tiny but it was really cool, but also really intense in Spanish! But it was an awesome experience, I’m starting to blend in though, the presidency there is American and to the other Americans they were talking to in English and then started talking to me in Spanish! hehe they don’t know I can’t speak! We have zone meeting every week! But it’s not really anything special! We don’t ever see the president unless there’s a yeah!! 

This week was just full of work! I have one story, so we have these cases for our book of Mormons that have pamphlets and handouts and a book of Mormon to hand out, and during a lesson a huge spider climbed on my leg and the members said uhhh elder there’s a spider on you and I threw my book of Mormon at it and all my stuff went flying all over! Super embarrassing, but I killed it! Oh and one more, one of our investigators, we taught them the law of chastity and the next day they were sleeping in different beds! Awesome! Haha let me know if you have any more questions.

Love you mom and I hope everything is fine with you! I think and pray about you all everyday!! Take care!! write more qs if you have them!! 

Xavi and Brother and Sister Ardilla (Mission President)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Iraq not Peru?? Call of Duty??

Hey mom!! meh it’s really okay! It’s not that bad, but I swear they accidentally sent me to Iraq! I feel like i'm in call of duty, it is legit exactly how Iraq looks in pictures! The missionaries here before us were really bad.. Apparently so I doubt they really did anything productive at all!! Hahaha yes my pension! That is where I eat all of my meals! Its nuts, the first day I was seriously thinking, wow I am going to die here! I found out this week that Peru is the second to last country in south America when it comes to the how good the economy is and what not, very poor everywhere except for La Molina, which is like not even that nice.. haha. People here don’t really work for better things; they just seem to be fine with what they have, which I honestly don’t understand! I can’t imagine living here for all my life. This week the members really have started to bond with us though and it’s nice because we have a lot of help from them. Oh man some of the other apartments are so freaking nice but our area is super poor! Pretty much all of Peru is! Our pension gives us plenty to eat! My companion says she is one of the best he has had because he isn’t hungry all the time, she feeds us a ton and is always worrying about us if were like 5 minutes late so don’t worry about that! I am definitely losing weight but it’s because I sweat all day, and then we eat pretty healthy every meal so imp losing all my fat! haha! Oh and here were not allowed to eat anywhere besides the pension if the food isn’t in a package, but the members and random people give us stuff all the time which is awesome, oh and we can have fruit and what not!  

So we have a lot of freaking investigators but not so many are progressing! We have a little girl who is probably going to be baptized in 2 weeks if her mom will continue to let her to go to church with us and another lady who is going to be getting married in 2 weeks and hopefully after we will baptize her.! We have tons of lessons everyday! We have a lot of investigators who need to get married though which is our main problem here, there are a ton of members who live with their spouses but don't have the money to get married! also a lot of investigators who just have a ton of questions and its hard to get them to commit. But we will definitely have at least one in the next 2 weeks! Gosh the first transfer is already almost over!! To start the new area we had to just start from scratch, meet all the members and find people! It was hard but we already have a ton of people to teach! 

I think that the bishops brother was probably in La Molina cause where I am the stuff is not so nice! But tell him thank you so much for his prayers! Ah sounds like fun stuff at home! 

Tell grandpa happy birthday this week! I will send some pictures! I will respond to your other email too! Oh this week we did some service at a members house who is rich for here! It’s the closest thing to an American home but we found out why, he runs cock fights in his backyard and has like 50 roosters!! It’s freaking nuts, they are good looking chickens though, and it’s crazy! we got to look through all of it! It isn’t illegal here!!

A few more stories, so here is just like Dylan in Africa, the women breast feed anywhere they feel like and it is REALLY awkward sometimes, especially when it’s like in church! fetch, our church is like this little house too...different world! Oh here it’s normal to kiss on the cheek when you say hello but this one freaking lady tries to kiss me every time and were always like ahhh stop! Freaking peruanos. oh and we taught this old lady named eddy who is from the jungle, all the old people are nuts, and we asked if she prays and she’s like yeah I wake up at 430 every morning and pray until 6 before I shower, hahahahah what the crap!! And then she said the closing prayer for like 10 minutes, I seriously was trying to think of a way to sneak out of her house if she kept going! hahah so funny!

But I love you so much mom! Thanks so much for your emails and love! I will talk to you soon with more craziness!!

My friends that we find daily!

Inca Cola!  He was looking forward to trying this soda!  

Nice apartment??


Sunday, May 26, 2013

"Hello" from Elder Maestas! (via Skype) :)

I should have posted this video sooner, but here is a little "Hello!" from Elder Maestas' Skype call 

 (This post is brought to you by Mercedes, the most awesome little sister ever) :)
 Love this picture so much!
 Family Picture!
Elder Maestas and Elder Diaz!

Miss this kid, but am so grateful for the willingness he has to serve the sweet people of Peru.  He is a great example to me, and I couldn't ask for a better big brother! 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Week 2 in Peru!

Well mama, only 97 weeks to go! hahah it actually sounds short when i say that so I'm good with it. Sooo my guts are probably just going to be like this for the whole mission! and that's alright, its not too bad, it's definitely from the stuff i eat all day, its pretty crazy! Every meal consists of some form of rice, chicken and potatoes, not much variety, very bland! I miss your cooking! Seriously though this week is 2 months out! how crazy is that! The mtc felt slow but these 2 weeks here have flown by! I'm glad you were able to talk to Eutimio! Tell him hello for me!! I'll tell you a few things from this week. So all the dogs here are not very chill, and they always give us crap, but the other day I was thinking about how President Jess said Nick would be with me and there is this one dog that always follows us around and is like the only good dog! It's really weird! We walk past and he just walks with us and barks at other dogs! Weird huh! That is so cool that you had the special needs mutual! I wish I could have done that! seriously such an awesome thing! hahaha it sounds like a blast!  You guys seriously are the best, you are the best family and the best people I know. Gosh  I love hearing about what's going on at home! Its only for a minute but its so nice! I can't really think of anything for you to send me! I have pretty much all i need! Maybe some slim jims cause they don't have that stuff here! something spicy! I freaking miss the food so much at home! I crave it every single day, it's hard eating freaking bland stuff! haha!  Everything is going well and i think that we will get to go to the temple every transfer at least once! pretty cool! just a few more things I'm doing! I'm going to be teaching an English class to people in the church! it will be pretty fun!! we tried to clean the room but seriously its impossible to keep clean, our window in the back is like broken and dust just flies in so I'm getting used to being dirty! oh and the cockroaches! we made it so that they can't get into our room cause we stuffed the holes but we can see all their little antennas sticking out of the wall...pretty sketch. I'm sure i will get over my fear of bugs here, theres crap everywhere!! Money in my mind is getting messed up, I bought a ice cream the other day I thought was a rip off but guess how much it was.. like 75 cents.. haha oh boy! We finally figured out how to get warm water and we will be doing that this week! I just can't believe how people live here, you have no idea, and they don't even know its bad!! We are so busy, I wouldn't even have time to write letters if i knew where to send them!! just so nuts, everyday is a blur which is good! I love you so much and miss you a ton! I can't wait to hear from you next week! Tell everyone I love them! I love you all so much, just know I'm okay! Love you my family! 

Golfing in Peru!

At least the golf course looks nice!

"Home Sweet Home"
(He's taller than the door!)

Xavi's Pensionista - She prepares his meals at her place!!  Look at that place!
Wow, are we spoiled!

Xavi and Elder Dias have found 17 people that are interested in the church!  They just need to get married.  Everyone in Peru are living as couples and have children but many of them are not married! He said that Sunday they had 6 investigators come to church! Now that is exciting!

He really likes the cool Volkswagens!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

1st Week in Peru :)

So the start of week 2 is diarrhea central!! hahahah i hope i don't really get sick though! It was so awesome to be able to talk to you on skype yesterday! It was really hard for me too but afterwards it made me feel alot better because i know that i can do it because i have so much support at home! Yes i do have a regular shower but we don't need a kitchen because we always eat at the pensions house! i'll send you a picture of that! We have a store next to our house and they pretty much have everything you need so don't worry about any of that! Its not the quality of stuff at home but at least we have it!! my address, i have no idea! oh and i can't figure out how to do a question mark  on this so yeah! I have no idea about the email thing, I'm hoping that it will change soon cause it sucks that everyone has to email through you or dad! actually I'm hearing that it might have just changed, i have no idea cause i can't read the long email from the president!!  I'm starting to adjust already, its really not that bad, its just a huge shock at first!! I will probably be here for 3 months, which is my whole time of training, but it could possibly just be the one transfer of 6 weeks!! Opening a new mission is hard because you have to find all new people, we already have baptismal dates as goals for our 5 investigators but its just hard learning to know the members, and all that! My companion really is cool! he is a great trainer and is easy to get along with! the dogs, eh we can just hit them with our books or rocks, or kick them, they aren't that bad except that try to come rub on you and stuff which they are just so dirty. I feel like my English is getting bad because i have to talk really simply with my companion in English so he can understand. in the room we only speak English so that i can teach him how to speak better!  i was wondering about the school! i hope its all good! I'm glad you love it, it sounds fun, i may be teaching English to little kids in church soon! that will be fun! 93 degrees holy crap!! its always just kinda warm here! it doesn't really change that much! Tell dad i love him too! oh the dear elders will probably take like a week so keep emailing so i can respond easier! I hope you don't worry about me too much! comfort Mercedes and dad and let them know i am fine!! I love you so much mom. 

Keegan and Xavi at the MTC on May 2, 2013

Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

Yeah, we had the chance to skype with Xavi on Mother's Day!  We had a great time catching up!  We only had 40 minutes and wow did that go fast.  Xav and his companion had to find a family that had internet to be able to skype and I am so happy that they did.  They made them dinner which he said was rice and some potato thing....  His companion is Elder Dias and he is from Chile.  He is a great companion and has been really good to Xav.  It is quite ironic that Xavi goes all the way to Peru to learn Spanish and he has been told all along that they will only be able to speak Spanish once he gets there and all the Spanish speaking Elders want him to teach them English!  They want to learn slang!  So Xavi taught them to say "That's so sick!" and he said it is so funny to hear them with their Spanish accents saying things are sick!!  He has had quite the cultural shock!  I asked him if he thought he was spoiled and he choked up and said, "You have no idea Mom!"  This is going to be quite the humbling experience for him.  He said that his apartment is very small and that the door is small and he has to crouch down to go in.    He said they have cockroaches and if you know Xavi that will not go over very well!  He said he has a concrete floor which is good because we thought he may be on dirt!  Such luxury!  His first P day he and his companion were going to scrub the whole apartment down because it was disgusting!  He had not even unpacked because he didn't feel comfortable.  His P day will now be on Monday's so I will post then.  He has a pensionista that will cook all meals for him and a lady that they hired to do wash!  He and his companion will be playing football (soccer) while the ladies work!  Hmmm.. I thought he was going to learn a few things! Oh well!  

He mentioned that a lot of the people there in Peru do not have roofs on their homes.  Apparently, if you are under construction you do not pay taxes on a completed home.  So, they never finish their homes.  Maybe we could do that here??

He said that where he is it is really dry and it never rains.  It is really dusty and they get really dirty.  He also said, that they have wild dogs that are really scary.  He said they like to rub up against you and get you dirty!  (I pray he doesn't get bit!)

Xavi and his companion will get about $30.00 a month to spend, which he says is plenty!  Wow!  He said that his mode of transportation is a guy giving them a ride on something that sounds like two seater rickshaw.  They charge about .75 cents to ride from their apartment all the way up to the mountain where they tract!   

Well needless to say, we all had a wonderful Mother's Day!  I could not be more proud or humbled at his willingness to serve the Lord.

Happy Day!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Peru! Goodbyes! Birthday Party!

So i saw Keegan when he first walked into the MTC! it was just for like 10 seconds cause you have a lot of crap to do when you first get here but he looked good! I really hope i can see him before i leave!! The Peru T shirt is from the book store here, you just go in there and tell them what mission and they order it for you! Its pretty sweet, it was only like 7 dollars! I cannot believe that my visa is here, everyone else besides hermanas Gale and Gifford are getting reassigned, ill be with those hermanas on the plane which will be pretty sweet. My flight leaves to Georgia at 831 am so the call will probably be a little be before them or when I'm in Atlanta around noon! so be expecting that, hopefully we'll be able to talk for a good amount of time! That picture that you took of Mercedes is so funny! we kinda do that to each other here which is pretty funny!  

Let everyone know that I love them!  I love hearing about whats going on in the outside world! I can't believe that about the canal over by Tate's! was Tate's flooded? i hope everyone is okay, that sounds so bad! Reinharts birthday went great and everyone said to tell you thank you for the present because we just kinda gave it from all of us!! My mission blessing is awesome! I probably cant print it so hopefully you can send it today with the hair stuff! I love you mom! Thank you so much for all of your support! Gosh its crazy that I'm actually going to Peru now!

Dad, I hope you re not worrying to much about me and just always remember that I'm fine!! Don't stress! River Heights is that a new job? Do we do any work out in delta? Tolman is from there and I'm just wondering! How is the new deal all working out? i hope everything is going well with Paul and all that! I'm glad the you re taking care of grandpa! You are seriously awesome for that!! That is so funny about Nicholas Mitchell! i can just picture that and that is so funny!! I'm so glad i don't have to do flags though. whatever i say to any of you is really to all of you! You can just pick what you put on the blog! I love you dad! Don't worry about me! I pray for you all the be comforted every day so be comforted! :) 

Oh so i was going to tell you guys, There is a sister in our home mission that just left yesterday from my zone. Shes Spanish speaking but her name is hermana zufelt! You probably wouldn't be able to see her but it would be pretty cool cause i know her! So the other night after the Tuesday devotional we were having our district meeting with the presidency and afterwards the wife of one of the counselors comes up to me and says " Elder Maestas I've been thinking about you" and i was seriously just like oh great what did i do now, cause it was really weird. But she said " last time we were here i just really saw how well you were listening to me when i was sharing my thoughts, you seemed so interested and were so supportive of me. I just realized that you were going to be an amazing missionary if you continue to show that kind of love every time you hear your investigators and people talk" gosh it was really so uplifting to me! And that was after i had gotten my travel papers! Just an awesome day!

Make a list of questions if you have any about travel and all that. I will be going directly into the field it says on my papers! Read the passage i told Mercedes to read! It will really help you with anything, not just with knowing the book of Mormon to be true but knowing anything! Please take care of yourselves and be safe. I love you all so much!


Elder Reinhart's 21st Birthday

6:30 a.m. Birthday Party!

Xavi's said "Earliest Birthday Party I've Ever Been Too"

Everyone splitting up to go to their temporary assignments!
Xavi has meet so many new friends at the MTC! He has loved his time at the MTC but they are ready to move on!

Xav and Elder Dallin Leifson

Xav and Elder Rob Miller

Shipping Off!  

Xav and Elder Braiden Thorpe

Elder Michael Bennett & Xav

"Flying High" in front of the Provo temple!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Good News!!

Yay, Xavi will be leaving for Peru on Monday, May 6, 2013.  Everything is arranged and he will go straight into the mission field. He will be flying with two of the sisters from his district.  The rest of the Elders and Sisters in the district are being temporarily reassigned.  It has been really hard on all of them.  Xavi is sad to leave all of his friends but excited to start his journey.  

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April 28, 2013 - Stay tuned for some EXCITING news! :)

Hola Mi Familia! 

Como Estan?! Estoru muy bien aqui em el CCM (MTC) no palabras sobre nuestras visa perro, seriamos reassigned esta semana, jueves. Alright, No more Spanish! :) So I just wanted to write you a quick letter! We got a new schedule this week because it's a new semester for the teachers from BYU.  So this (hopefully) last week my P-Day is on Thursday! So don't freak when you don't get an email Wednesday! Today was Elder Reinhart's birthday, since we have no free time, we had his little surprise party at 6:30 AM! Haha it was the earliest party I've ever been to! It was night though and he really appreciated it!  I'll send a few pics but they aren't super good! Oh well though! He really liked the tie and kinda teared up cause he said he never had a surprise party before! It was really awesome so thank you so much for sending that! Oh, and I got my slippers and pants yesterday! Thank you so much! I'm sorry I've has you send me so much crap but I really do appreciate it.  So I am pretty sure that we will be reassigned by Thursday if our visas don't come, temporarily that is, or we could be here a couple extra weeks if they find out our visas are in the mail or something like that.  I really am fine with it all though, I would rather just get out into the field if I had the choice though, this place is great but we are all going to go crazy soon! Tomorrow the third set of English Missionaries leave. It blows my mind, we have been here forever!  A hermana going to Lima Central got temp assigned to New Jersey!  That would be so sick!  I probably won't know about my reassignment until Thursday night so it won't be in my e-mail but I'll probably be able to call for 5 minutes!  So expect that, but if I just have to stay here I won't be able to!  I'm so excited for Keegan to come in Wednesday! I'm going to try to find him!  Some of our zone is leaving in the morning!  It's really sad!  It's crazy how you feel like you have known the people here in the MTC for your whole life!  I'll get a picture with them tonight and send it Thursday!  We did get out checkout sheets though! Which is some info and stuff you get right before you leave and Wednesday....I mean Friday is in field orientation, where they tell you some stuff...all day I guess!  Oh and you'll never guess who I saw here.  We do street approaches on random missionaries for practice, we approached these 2 hermanas and started to share a message and about halfway through one was like Maestas? Where are you from and what's your name?  I told her and she was like I KNOW YOU! You're Shae Pettit's cousin!  It was her friend, Kimmie!  Mercedes will know who she is!  Such a crazy coincidence!  Oh, and what's even weirder, she's going to Kevin Hales' mission!  Nuts!  Thank you for all of your love and support!  I'm so lucky to have you! I love and miss you all!  Just always know I'm fine wherever I am and take care of yourselves!
Love you Mercedes!
Love you Mom!
Love you Dad!
Love you Kramer! 
Talk to you soon! Florida here I come! I hope! :)
Oh one last thing, we've been reading the missionary library books, I'm reading Jesus the Christ and it has been blowing my mind! You should check it out! Love you all! 

So, this letter was mailed to us, and we received it May 1! But, there was a little note inside that was added in that read....

Just a quick note! 
It should be here this week, I found out right before I mailed this! Me and 2 of the sisters! So sick! Love you all!  I should be calling sometime this week for 5! 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Buenos Dias!
Gosh so i have so many questions to answer today i hope I can respond to everything! Mom and dad, thanks so much for all the dear elders you send me! it is honestly so awesome to get those each day, it makes the day so much better every time i get one!  Its way cool mom that you are starting to get all of grandpas genealogy stuff together, that is really so interesting to me!! And whats the genealogy library?? I've never heard of that! Tell grandpa i got his note and Send me his address so i can send something back!
So i haven't had to speak in sacrament yet and it may work out that I don't have to, we have a district leaving this week and then our last Sunday if we leave on time is fast Sunday so it will just be testimonies! So hehe i hope i don't have to! But i do have one prepared every week on the topic just in case!! When I call ill do my testimony and the first vision in Spanish so you can hear me!
So i have been sleeping much better since i moved rooms, We aren't in the room with the snorers anymore and I'm on the bottom so I'm not as hot all night! I Still hate waking up and I'm sure i always will, I'm just not a morning person! We never have enough time to sleep though it feels like, only when we take naps on pday do i feel rested! but we have class at 6 on pday so it still kinda sucks!! So they finally opened the soccer field and we will be going to do that and i am so excited! It Will be awesome!!
So our teachers got reassigned before we are even leaving!  Saturday is our last day with them and we'll have new teachers! I feel like it kinda hinders us but we'll just keep going with how we did things before. Oh i heard if our visas are here we will most likely hear this week, if not we may be temp reassigned, which is alright! Elder Tolman and I want to go to Florida, it'd be cool to go down there for a while if we had to! This week also another district left in our zone and its seriously like saying bye to your good friends! It was sad! they got reassigned to Texas for a couple weeks until they can get their visas to Mexico!

So with the hosting missionaries who are coming in you just get randomly assigned, except i don't think its possible for us since its our pday on Wednesdays! So that kinda sucks but we go watch them come in sometimes for fun! Pday honestly isn't that great, we get bored and just sleep after we finish everything!
So the sicknesses here range from everything, people are constipated, running like faucets, runny noses, sore throats all kinda of stuff! One of my companions eye vessels are like popping its messed up! I'm so glad Ive been fine besides a couple of headaches! If they're really sick we can stay back though but its hard when you have so much to do always!
There have been tons of visa problems lately, Argentina and Brazil are really bad, i would tell Paul to hurry up on that stuff cause it is really an issue for them right now. And also for Mexico, the Mexico missionaries have to go to the consulate and they can only send so many. Like yesterday one of our districts went but the other district wasn't able to so they'll be reassigned it's nuts.
Its crazy to think though, this is our last normal week! Next week we have in field training and stuff so that will be cool! No matter what we'll be leaving here kinda soon! The Spanish is coming along well and two of our "investigators" are getting baptized. Its crazy, even though its fake, when we teach them as if they're the person it feels real and you really feel the spirit.

Oh before i forget, so the TRC thing i was talking about last week, this week we taught a lady over skype who is IN Mexico!!! it was so crazy! she spoke zero English but i could actually understand most of what she was saying! it seriously made me so excited to go into the field! They just barely set up the TRC for that and we were some of the first to do it! Way cooL! This week our teachers actually were praising us on our Spanish which was definitely a first! They were telling us how much we had actually progressed and they we knew way more and could understand way more then when they went out. Next week ill have some pic to send of them!
Mom and dad thank you both so much for always giving us everything! I am seriously so happy to have you as my parents and you are both wonderful examples!! How are the jazz doing by the way!
Tell Diane thanks for the info even though it may have not been super good! it was nice to hear something! Oh and tell Paul congrats and that My teacher went there and that hes going to love it! Oh and one cool thing, i think Keegan might be coming into my district! were supposed to get new ones next week, and if hes not he should be at least on my floor! ill find out on Friday!
Dad its awesome the you used youtube to fix the car! I wonder how my youtube is doing?!
Elder Reinhardt's birthday is Sunday so next week ill send pics of the little party we have for him! :)
I hope Steve will be alright with his emphysema, i actually thought about it in the temple this morning and put his name in when i left! couldn't hurt right?
We don't have fam home evening but on Tuesdays and Sundays we have district meetings which are kinda like that! Oh and i hope Mitch is fine! tell the plants hello!
Well i have to send you a few pics and things but i love you all so much! feel free to write whenever and I'll respond to all that i can! Take care and you're always in my prayers! love you!! :)
Elder Maestas, xav :)

Elder Peterson, Xav, Elder Merrill, Elder Peterson (Not companion) and Elder Cahoon!  Leaving for Texas at 3 am :)

Elder Peterson (Xav's Companion) got pooped on walking to the temple this morning!

All of the Elders going to the Provo temple this morning!
Wednesday April 24, 2013

Sunday, April 21, 2013

April 17, 2013 Letter

Hi Mi Familia!

So it's P-day still and I already emailed you but I'm really bored and everyone is asleep!  P-days are nice but there really isn't anything to do here when you aren't on a regular schedule!  We went and walked around, watching all the new missionaries coming in, i'm so glad it's not me!  I can't believe we've been here 3 weeks!  3 weeks MTC time is pretty long!  

Today some new english speaking missionaries are moving in, but it makes me sick because they will leave before me!  That is the worst thing ever!  Later today, I have to teach "Fernando" who is actually my teacher Hermano Rhodes, but when he's your investigator, it seems pretty real, they are all people who the teachers taught on their missions and are just acting as them,.  We have 2 other investigators, Guadalupe (Hermana Castillo) and Miguel (Hermano Savio).  They have some crazy backstories like Miguel cheated on his wife and Fernando is the son of a Baptist preacher.  Pretty intense!  Oh, I forgot to write this in the email.  So there is this thing at the MTC called "TRC" I forget what it stands fore but it's where members come to the MTC and are taught by the missionaries!  You guys should look it up and come dot it!  You just come and volunteer.  The missionaries practice on you!  It's way Fun!  It is probably one of the best things we do here.  You can just practice talking to them in Spanish and get to know them and stuff!  I'm sure they do it fore the english missionaries too.  You should do it :)  

So one nice thing about my branch presidency is that they really aren't super strict.  Like in some zones, you can only pass out the mail at night!  Which gives you absolutely zero time to read!  But like with other things they get on us about, like when we have to wear our suit coats, we HAVE to  button the top buttons and if we put our hands in our pockets they freak!  It's weird.   But we only have to see them Tuesday and Sunday so it isn't terrible!  

I am so lucky that I haven't gotten sick!  3 of the 5 of us have been sick and I still haven't.  I can't imagine trying to get through this schedule while being sick!  I got one headache but that's it!  Really crazy!  

Oh, one thing I haven't talked about is Sundays!  Well actually I guess you have the schedule, but it's way early sacrament!  And every week we have to have a talk prepared in Spanish on whatever topic it is!  And they pick the speakers on the spot!  It is the worst!  But I guess it's supposed to prepare us for randomly having to in the field.  Gosh, I am pretty sure I'm going to be here the for the six weeks.  I feel like Elder Turner just got super lucky somehow!  But oh well, I can make it if I have to!  

I haven't been going too crazy in gym.  A kid in my zone broke his ankle the other day, it's sketchy!  I've seen 2 elders go home in my hallway.  I think for health reasons but who knows!

I think I want my visa so bad because it's so close to home still!  It makes it rough!  I can't imagine what it will be like to finally leave!  I do feel kind of bad cause I always say that and talk about how we'll all see each other down there but Elder Peterson won't be!  (he is going to Columbia).  

Laundry isn't that bad.  I just do colors and whites.  I only have 3 shirts and 3 pants out which is really as much as I need in the whole week.  I'm seriously only using essential things here and keeping everything else ready to go!  I want to be ready if I get called and leave the next day!  

There are two Elders in my zone going to Mexico who are getting temp assignments tomorrow which sucks. Mexico just changed their visa policies I heard and so it's going to be really hard to get them in there!  But anyways, I love you all so much!  Always know I'm fine and just hoping my visa will come.  Don't stress though, if it doesn't it won't be the end of the world.  Plus a temp assignment would be cool!  Get to go 2 places!  Be safe, stay healthy and you will hear from me soon!  

Love Xavi

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I know i can't believe it’s been three weeks, though it seriously feels like I've been here forever! It’s weird to think of what it will be like to leave here now. I’m definitely excited but also kinda nervous for it! I really don’t like writing letters though!  I Love to get mail but I’m also trying to get used to only being able to email because as soon as i leave, that’s what will happen! Gosh i can’t believe it’s been a year since i graduated! I wish i could do splash again, i miss my friends and stuff but none of them are home anyways! Everything is fine and we are really figuring out how to do everything. I’m comfortable here and it’s nice. Spanish is a continuous struggle but we were told by our presidency to try to just focus on the doctrine and just have faith that the language will come. It’s really hard, and we have to keep studying it but we have to make sure we know the doctrine first. I read my Book of Mormon everyday and study in it multiple times a day for things! Preach my gospel is like another companion! It is always being used there is so much stuff in it that can really help you while teaching. I do wish i would have studied it before I came but at the same time.. I’m studying it non-stop here so oh well i guess! :) Yes my testimony has absolutely grown since I’ve been here. This has to be the true church because of how well we all do while we prepare to go teach gods children. 

Gosh so i heard this story where an elder had a dream about the pre existence, and he was hanging out with his friends waiting in line to hear where they would be sent in the world, When they got to the front the elder was told he would be able to be born into a family who was a part of the church and he would be able to serve a mission. His friend behind him was told that he would have a really hard life and that he would have to do his best to find the true church. His family would be poor and would not have the opportunities that his friend would have. And as they were about to leave to earth, his friend said, "Don’t forget about me, you have to find me" geez this story gives me the chills. I don’t know if it is true but I honestly believe I knew the people who I am going to teach in Peru before my mission and that they are my friends from pre life. It was said that his mom got a letter from him saying that he had found his friend from the dream. Gosh it really makes me feel the spirit so much, just thought I would share that. 

The spirit is always strong here, you especially feel it while you teach and while you're in devotionals.  It’s just a crazy experience how much you feel it all the time. It honestly isn't that peaceful here apart from when you have personal study, other than that you're going pretty fast all the time! It’s hard but also keeps your mind off home and what not. I’m  taken care of and have everything I need. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful family who is a part of the gospel! 

So last night we moved rooms because since elder turner left we've been in a trio with Elder Tolman. This week one of our districts left, which were Elder Tolman’s roommates, It was just down the hall but it really felt weird leaving there! Plus it’s sad to leave Elder Harris and Reinhart, but it’s okay! At least we are still in the same building. It’s been snowing and raining here quite a bit and it’s been pretty cold! Elder Reinhart loves it because he’s from Cali and hasn’t really seen snow before, but the rest of us are sick of it! 

Elder Maestas left I think the day after that picture, he was going English speaking so he was only here like a week! He was from California but I never really got to talk about him about anything. You really are only able to talk much with the people in your zone, but you’re way more close with your district. I am honestly with them all week besides sleeping. So we have got to know each other really well! Our zone is the rooms around us in the building which right now is only 2 other rooms but we get a new district next week. We see them in gym, in the residence and every so often we visit each other in class. Everyone else is kinda in their own thing, you’ll see them at lunch or in passing but you never really have a opportunity to talk to them! Like I always see Ryan in passing but haven’t ever been able to talk to him. 

Hey let me know when Keegan goes in and what not! I’ll try to find him!   So I won’t be DL anymore by Sunday, which is honestly great so I won’t have to worry so much about things anymore:P  Its awesome that you had the elders teach your lesson, it probably helps big time with them practicing their lessons! It’s funny because we can talk so much about the gospel but right now we can’t talk about normal stuff, hopefully it will come with time.

I hope Eutimio is doing fine too! let me know! 

It’s so awesome about kevin and his sister! he must have a pretty awesome mission president. Sorry I’m so scrambled but I’m trying to respond to everything! Thank you so much for everything you have done for me mom! I love you so much and I hope i will hear from you soon! You’re probably going to have to just put up some of your letters on the blog and to other people because i can’t really write a whole separate one about what I’m doing! plus it isn’t so interesting! Just know all these letters are for all of you and read all of each others! Oh and guess what An apostle came last night and i was in the room he was in, Richard G Scott! it was really awesome, he gave us all a blessing to learn our languages and to succeed in our missions. it was seriously awesome! Love you mom! :) 

Study time! Elder Reinhardt

Poor Elder Peterson looks exhausted!   I should send this to his mom :)

These two must be the new Elders!  He doesn't send me names.

Looks like they're having fun!
Xavi and Elder Reinhardt

Xavi writing letters today! He always sends a picture sticking his tongue out!