Saturday, April 27, 2013

Buenos Dias!
Gosh so i have so many questions to answer today i hope I can respond to everything! Mom and dad, thanks so much for all the dear elders you send me! it is honestly so awesome to get those each day, it makes the day so much better every time i get one!  Its way cool mom that you are starting to get all of grandpas genealogy stuff together, that is really so interesting to me!! And whats the genealogy library?? I've never heard of that! Tell grandpa i got his note and Send me his address so i can send something back!
So i haven't had to speak in sacrament yet and it may work out that I don't have to, we have a district leaving this week and then our last Sunday if we leave on time is fast Sunday so it will just be testimonies! So hehe i hope i don't have to! But i do have one prepared every week on the topic just in case!! When I call ill do my testimony and the first vision in Spanish so you can hear me!
So i have been sleeping much better since i moved rooms, We aren't in the room with the snorers anymore and I'm on the bottom so I'm not as hot all night! I Still hate waking up and I'm sure i always will, I'm just not a morning person! We never have enough time to sleep though it feels like, only when we take naps on pday do i feel rested! but we have class at 6 on pday so it still kinda sucks!! So they finally opened the soccer field and we will be going to do that and i am so excited! It Will be awesome!!
So our teachers got reassigned before we are even leaving!  Saturday is our last day with them and we'll have new teachers! I feel like it kinda hinders us but we'll just keep going with how we did things before. Oh i heard if our visas are here we will most likely hear this week, if not we may be temp reassigned, which is alright! Elder Tolman and I want to go to Florida, it'd be cool to go down there for a while if we had to! This week also another district left in our zone and its seriously like saying bye to your good friends! It was sad! they got reassigned to Texas for a couple weeks until they can get their visas to Mexico!

So with the hosting missionaries who are coming in you just get randomly assigned, except i don't think its possible for us since its our pday on Wednesdays! So that kinda sucks but we go watch them come in sometimes for fun! Pday honestly isn't that great, we get bored and just sleep after we finish everything!
So the sicknesses here range from everything, people are constipated, running like faucets, runny noses, sore throats all kinda of stuff! One of my companions eye vessels are like popping its messed up! I'm so glad Ive been fine besides a couple of headaches! If they're really sick we can stay back though but its hard when you have so much to do always!
There have been tons of visa problems lately, Argentina and Brazil are really bad, i would tell Paul to hurry up on that stuff cause it is really an issue for them right now. And also for Mexico, the Mexico missionaries have to go to the consulate and they can only send so many. Like yesterday one of our districts went but the other district wasn't able to so they'll be reassigned it's nuts.
Its crazy to think though, this is our last normal week! Next week we have in field training and stuff so that will be cool! No matter what we'll be leaving here kinda soon! The Spanish is coming along well and two of our "investigators" are getting baptized. Its crazy, even though its fake, when we teach them as if they're the person it feels real and you really feel the spirit.

Oh before i forget, so the TRC thing i was talking about last week, this week we taught a lady over skype who is IN Mexico!!! it was so crazy! she spoke zero English but i could actually understand most of what she was saying! it seriously made me so excited to go into the field! They just barely set up the TRC for that and we were some of the first to do it! Way cooL! This week our teachers actually were praising us on our Spanish which was definitely a first! They were telling us how much we had actually progressed and they we knew way more and could understand way more then when they went out. Next week ill have some pic to send of them!
Mom and dad thank you both so much for always giving us everything! I am seriously so happy to have you as my parents and you are both wonderful examples!! How are the jazz doing by the way!
Tell Diane thanks for the info even though it may have not been super good! it was nice to hear something! Oh and tell Paul congrats and that My teacher went there and that hes going to love it! Oh and one cool thing, i think Keegan might be coming into my district! were supposed to get new ones next week, and if hes not he should be at least on my floor! ill find out on Friday!
Dad its awesome the you used youtube to fix the car! I wonder how my youtube is doing?!
Elder Reinhardt's birthday is Sunday so next week ill send pics of the little party we have for him! :)
I hope Steve will be alright with his emphysema, i actually thought about it in the temple this morning and put his name in when i left! couldn't hurt right?
We don't have fam home evening but on Tuesdays and Sundays we have district meetings which are kinda like that! Oh and i hope Mitch is fine! tell the plants hello!
Well i have to send you a few pics and things but i love you all so much! feel free to write whenever and I'll respond to all that i can! Take care and you're always in my prayers! love you!! :)
Elder Maestas, xav :)

Elder Peterson, Xav, Elder Merrill, Elder Peterson (Not companion) and Elder Cahoon!  Leaving for Texas at 3 am :)

Elder Peterson (Xav's Companion) got pooped on walking to the temple this morning!

All of the Elders going to the Provo temple this morning!
Wednesday April 24, 2013

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  1. I hope Xavi goes somewhere nice if he has to wait... not Arizona for the summer! ;)