Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April 28, 2013 - Stay tuned for some EXCITING news! :)

Hola Mi Familia! 

Como Estan?! Estoru muy bien aqui em el CCM (MTC) no palabras sobre nuestras visa perro, seriamos reassigned esta semana, jueves. Alright, No more Spanish! :) So I just wanted to write you a quick letter! We got a new schedule this week because it's a new semester for the teachers from BYU.  So this (hopefully) last week my P-Day is on Thursday! So don't freak when you don't get an email Wednesday! Today was Elder Reinhart's birthday, since we have no free time, we had his little surprise party at 6:30 AM! Haha it was the earliest party I've ever been to! It was night though and he really appreciated it!  I'll send a few pics but they aren't super good! Oh well though! He really liked the tie and kinda teared up cause he said he never had a surprise party before! It was really awesome so thank you so much for sending that! Oh, and I got my slippers and pants yesterday! Thank you so much! I'm sorry I've has you send me so much crap but I really do appreciate it.  So I am pretty sure that we will be reassigned by Thursday if our visas don't come, temporarily that is, or we could be here a couple extra weeks if they find out our visas are in the mail or something like that.  I really am fine with it all though, I would rather just get out into the field if I had the choice though, this place is great but we are all going to go crazy soon! Tomorrow the third set of English Missionaries leave. It blows my mind, we have been here forever!  A hermana going to Lima Central got temp assigned to New Jersey!  That would be so sick!  I probably won't know about my reassignment until Thursday night so it won't be in my e-mail but I'll probably be able to call for 5 minutes!  So expect that, but if I just have to stay here I won't be able to!  I'm so excited for Keegan to come in Wednesday! I'm going to try to find him!  Some of our zone is leaving in the morning!  It's really sad!  It's crazy how you feel like you have known the people here in the MTC for your whole life!  I'll get a picture with them tonight and send it Thursday!  We did get out checkout sheets though! Which is some info and stuff you get right before you leave and Wednesday....I mean Friday is in field orientation, where they tell you some stuff...all day I guess!  Oh and you'll never guess who I saw here.  We do street approaches on random missionaries for practice, we approached these 2 hermanas and started to share a message and about halfway through one was like Maestas? Where are you from and what's your name?  I told her and she was like I KNOW YOU! You're Shae Pettit's cousin!  It was her friend, Kimmie!  Mercedes will know who she is!  Such a crazy coincidence!  Oh, and what's even weirder, she's going to Kevin Hales' mission!  Nuts!  Thank you for all of your love and support!  I'm so lucky to have you! I love and miss you all!  Just always know I'm fine wherever I am and take care of yourselves!
Love you Mercedes!
Love you Mom!
Love you Dad!
Love you Kramer! 
Talk to you soon! Florida here I come! I hope! :)
Oh one last thing, we've been reading the missionary library books, I'm reading Jesus the Christ and it has been blowing my mind! You should check it out! Love you all! 

So, this letter was mailed to us, and we received it May 1! But, there was a little note inside that was added in that read....

Just a quick note! 
It should be here this week, I found out right before I mailed this! Me and 2 of the sisters! So sick! Love you all!  I should be calling sometime this week for 5! 

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