Saturday, April 27, 2013

Buenos Dias!
Gosh so i have so many questions to answer today i hope I can respond to everything! Mom and dad, thanks so much for all the dear elders you send me! it is honestly so awesome to get those each day, it makes the day so much better every time i get one!  Its way cool mom that you are starting to get all of grandpas genealogy stuff together, that is really so interesting to me!! And whats the genealogy library?? I've never heard of that! Tell grandpa i got his note and Send me his address so i can send something back!
So i haven't had to speak in sacrament yet and it may work out that I don't have to, we have a district leaving this week and then our last Sunday if we leave on time is fast Sunday so it will just be testimonies! So hehe i hope i don't have to! But i do have one prepared every week on the topic just in case!! When I call ill do my testimony and the first vision in Spanish so you can hear me!
So i have been sleeping much better since i moved rooms, We aren't in the room with the snorers anymore and I'm on the bottom so I'm not as hot all night! I Still hate waking up and I'm sure i always will, I'm just not a morning person! We never have enough time to sleep though it feels like, only when we take naps on pday do i feel rested! but we have class at 6 on pday so it still kinda sucks!! So they finally opened the soccer field and we will be going to do that and i am so excited! It Will be awesome!!
So our teachers got reassigned before we are even leaving!  Saturday is our last day with them and we'll have new teachers! I feel like it kinda hinders us but we'll just keep going with how we did things before. Oh i heard if our visas are here we will most likely hear this week, if not we may be temp reassigned, which is alright! Elder Tolman and I want to go to Florida, it'd be cool to go down there for a while if we had to! This week also another district left in our zone and its seriously like saying bye to your good friends! It was sad! they got reassigned to Texas for a couple weeks until they can get their visas to Mexico!

So with the hosting missionaries who are coming in you just get randomly assigned, except i don't think its possible for us since its our pday on Wednesdays! So that kinda sucks but we go watch them come in sometimes for fun! Pday honestly isn't that great, we get bored and just sleep after we finish everything!
So the sicknesses here range from everything, people are constipated, running like faucets, runny noses, sore throats all kinda of stuff! One of my companions eye vessels are like popping its messed up! I'm so glad Ive been fine besides a couple of headaches! If they're really sick we can stay back though but its hard when you have so much to do always!
There have been tons of visa problems lately, Argentina and Brazil are really bad, i would tell Paul to hurry up on that stuff cause it is really an issue for them right now. And also for Mexico, the Mexico missionaries have to go to the consulate and they can only send so many. Like yesterday one of our districts went but the other district wasn't able to so they'll be reassigned it's nuts.
Its crazy to think though, this is our last normal week! Next week we have in field training and stuff so that will be cool! No matter what we'll be leaving here kinda soon! The Spanish is coming along well and two of our "investigators" are getting baptized. Its crazy, even though its fake, when we teach them as if they're the person it feels real and you really feel the spirit.

Oh before i forget, so the TRC thing i was talking about last week, this week we taught a lady over skype who is IN Mexico!!! it was so crazy! she spoke zero English but i could actually understand most of what she was saying! it seriously made me so excited to go into the field! They just barely set up the TRC for that and we were some of the first to do it! Way cooL! This week our teachers actually were praising us on our Spanish which was definitely a first! They were telling us how much we had actually progressed and they we knew way more and could understand way more then when they went out. Next week ill have some pic to send of them!
Mom and dad thank you both so much for always giving us everything! I am seriously so happy to have you as my parents and you are both wonderful examples!! How are the jazz doing by the way!
Tell Diane thanks for the info even though it may have not been super good! it was nice to hear something! Oh and tell Paul congrats and that My teacher went there and that hes going to love it! Oh and one cool thing, i think Keegan might be coming into my district! were supposed to get new ones next week, and if hes not he should be at least on my floor! ill find out on Friday!
Dad its awesome the you used youtube to fix the car! I wonder how my youtube is doing?!
Elder Reinhardt's birthday is Sunday so next week ill send pics of the little party we have for him! :)
I hope Steve will be alright with his emphysema, i actually thought about it in the temple this morning and put his name in when i left! couldn't hurt right?
We don't have fam home evening but on Tuesdays and Sundays we have district meetings which are kinda like that! Oh and i hope Mitch is fine! tell the plants hello!
Well i have to send you a few pics and things but i love you all so much! feel free to write whenever and I'll respond to all that i can! Take care and you're always in my prayers! love you!! :)
Elder Maestas, xav :)

Elder Peterson, Xav, Elder Merrill, Elder Peterson (Not companion) and Elder Cahoon!  Leaving for Texas at 3 am :)

Elder Peterson (Xav's Companion) got pooped on walking to the temple this morning!

All of the Elders going to the Provo temple this morning!
Wednesday April 24, 2013

Sunday, April 21, 2013

April 17, 2013 Letter

Hi Mi Familia!

So it's P-day still and I already emailed you but I'm really bored and everyone is asleep!  P-days are nice but there really isn't anything to do here when you aren't on a regular schedule!  We went and walked around, watching all the new missionaries coming in, i'm so glad it's not me!  I can't believe we've been here 3 weeks!  3 weeks MTC time is pretty long!  

Today some new english speaking missionaries are moving in, but it makes me sick because they will leave before me!  That is the worst thing ever!  Later today, I have to teach "Fernando" who is actually my teacher Hermano Rhodes, but when he's your investigator, it seems pretty real, they are all people who the teachers taught on their missions and are just acting as them,.  We have 2 other investigators, Guadalupe (Hermana Castillo) and Miguel (Hermano Savio).  They have some crazy backstories like Miguel cheated on his wife and Fernando is the son of a Baptist preacher.  Pretty intense!  Oh, I forgot to write this in the email.  So there is this thing at the MTC called "TRC" I forget what it stands fore but it's where members come to the MTC and are taught by the missionaries!  You guys should look it up and come dot it!  You just come and volunteer.  The missionaries practice on you!  It's way Fun!  It is probably one of the best things we do here.  You can just practice talking to them in Spanish and get to know them and stuff!  I'm sure they do it fore the english missionaries too.  You should do it :)  

So one nice thing about my branch presidency is that they really aren't super strict.  Like in some zones, you can only pass out the mail at night!  Which gives you absolutely zero time to read!  But like with other things they get on us about, like when we have to wear our suit coats, we HAVE to  button the top buttons and if we put our hands in our pockets they freak!  It's weird.   But we only have to see them Tuesday and Sunday so it isn't terrible!  

I am so lucky that I haven't gotten sick!  3 of the 5 of us have been sick and I still haven't.  I can't imagine trying to get through this schedule while being sick!  I got one headache but that's it!  Really crazy!  

Oh, one thing I haven't talked about is Sundays!  Well actually I guess you have the schedule, but it's way early sacrament!  And every week we have to have a talk prepared in Spanish on whatever topic it is!  And they pick the speakers on the spot!  It is the worst!  But I guess it's supposed to prepare us for randomly having to in the field.  Gosh, I am pretty sure I'm going to be here the for the six weeks.  I feel like Elder Turner just got super lucky somehow!  But oh well, I can make it if I have to!  

I haven't been going too crazy in gym.  A kid in my zone broke his ankle the other day, it's sketchy!  I've seen 2 elders go home in my hallway.  I think for health reasons but who knows!

I think I want my visa so bad because it's so close to home still!  It makes it rough!  I can't imagine what it will be like to finally leave!  I do feel kind of bad cause I always say that and talk about how we'll all see each other down there but Elder Peterson won't be!  (he is going to Columbia).  

Laundry isn't that bad.  I just do colors and whites.  I only have 3 shirts and 3 pants out which is really as much as I need in the whole week.  I'm seriously only using essential things here and keeping everything else ready to go!  I want to be ready if I get called and leave the next day!  

There are two Elders in my zone going to Mexico who are getting temp assignments tomorrow which sucks. Mexico just changed their visa policies I heard and so it's going to be really hard to get them in there!  But anyways, I love you all so much!  Always know I'm fine and just hoping my visa will come.  Don't stress though, if it doesn't it won't be the end of the world.  Plus a temp assignment would be cool!  Get to go 2 places!  Be safe, stay healthy and you will hear from me soon!  

Love Xavi

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I know i can't believe it’s been three weeks, though it seriously feels like I've been here forever! It’s weird to think of what it will be like to leave here now. I’m definitely excited but also kinda nervous for it! I really don’t like writing letters though!  I Love to get mail but I’m also trying to get used to only being able to email because as soon as i leave, that’s what will happen! Gosh i can’t believe it’s been a year since i graduated! I wish i could do splash again, i miss my friends and stuff but none of them are home anyways! Everything is fine and we are really figuring out how to do everything. I’m comfortable here and it’s nice. Spanish is a continuous struggle but we were told by our presidency to try to just focus on the doctrine and just have faith that the language will come. It’s really hard, and we have to keep studying it but we have to make sure we know the doctrine first. I read my Book of Mormon everyday and study in it multiple times a day for things! Preach my gospel is like another companion! It is always being used there is so much stuff in it that can really help you while teaching. I do wish i would have studied it before I came but at the same time.. I’m studying it non-stop here so oh well i guess! :) Yes my testimony has absolutely grown since I’ve been here. This has to be the true church because of how well we all do while we prepare to go teach gods children. 

Gosh so i heard this story where an elder had a dream about the pre existence, and he was hanging out with his friends waiting in line to hear where they would be sent in the world, When they got to the front the elder was told he would be able to be born into a family who was a part of the church and he would be able to serve a mission. His friend behind him was told that he would have a really hard life and that he would have to do his best to find the true church. His family would be poor and would not have the opportunities that his friend would have. And as they were about to leave to earth, his friend said, "Don’t forget about me, you have to find me" geez this story gives me the chills. I don’t know if it is true but I honestly believe I knew the people who I am going to teach in Peru before my mission and that they are my friends from pre life. It was said that his mom got a letter from him saying that he had found his friend from the dream. Gosh it really makes me feel the spirit so much, just thought I would share that. 

The spirit is always strong here, you especially feel it while you teach and while you're in devotionals.  It’s just a crazy experience how much you feel it all the time. It honestly isn't that peaceful here apart from when you have personal study, other than that you're going pretty fast all the time! It’s hard but also keeps your mind off home and what not. I’m  taken care of and have everything I need. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful family who is a part of the gospel! 

So last night we moved rooms because since elder turner left we've been in a trio with Elder Tolman. This week one of our districts left, which were Elder Tolman’s roommates, It was just down the hall but it really felt weird leaving there! Plus it’s sad to leave Elder Harris and Reinhart, but it’s okay! At least we are still in the same building. It’s been snowing and raining here quite a bit and it’s been pretty cold! Elder Reinhart loves it because he’s from Cali and hasn’t really seen snow before, but the rest of us are sick of it! 

Elder Maestas left I think the day after that picture, he was going English speaking so he was only here like a week! He was from California but I never really got to talk about him about anything. You really are only able to talk much with the people in your zone, but you’re way more close with your district. I am honestly with them all week besides sleeping. So we have got to know each other really well! Our zone is the rooms around us in the building which right now is only 2 other rooms but we get a new district next week. We see them in gym, in the residence and every so often we visit each other in class. Everyone else is kinda in their own thing, you’ll see them at lunch or in passing but you never really have a opportunity to talk to them! Like I always see Ryan in passing but haven’t ever been able to talk to him. 

Hey let me know when Keegan goes in and what not! I’ll try to find him!   So I won’t be DL anymore by Sunday, which is honestly great so I won’t have to worry so much about things anymore:P  Its awesome that you had the elders teach your lesson, it probably helps big time with them practicing their lessons! It’s funny because we can talk so much about the gospel but right now we can’t talk about normal stuff, hopefully it will come with time.

I hope Eutimio is doing fine too! let me know! 

It’s so awesome about kevin and his sister! he must have a pretty awesome mission president. Sorry I’m so scrambled but I’m trying to respond to everything! Thank you so much for everything you have done for me mom! I love you so much and I hope i will hear from you soon! You’re probably going to have to just put up some of your letters on the blog and to other people because i can’t really write a whole separate one about what I’m doing! plus it isn’t so interesting! Just know all these letters are for all of you and read all of each others! Oh and guess what An apostle came last night and i was in the room he was in, Richard G Scott! it was really awesome, he gave us all a blessing to learn our languages and to succeed in our missions. it was seriously awesome! Love you mom! :) 

Study time! Elder Reinhardt

Poor Elder Peterson looks exhausted!   I should send this to his mom :)

These two must be the new Elders!  He doesn't send me names.

Looks like they're having fun!
Xavi and Elder Reinhardt

Xavi writing letters today! He always sends a picture sticking his tongue out!  

Friday, April 12, 2013 Check out this link!!

On October 6, 2013, I was running on my treadmill and I was watching conference.  Xav was still laying in bed in his room just listening.  When the President Monson announced the age change for missionaries, I yelled and asked Xav if he heard that and he said yes and came running.  While we finished watching conference Xavi text the bishop and said,"Start my papers"!  We were in tears and so excited that his prayers were answered and that he could leave on his mission.  I am posting the video that Carol Makita did about the age change and all the missionaries that are going.  We are so proud of Xavi and all of his friends that jumped at the opportunity to serve the Lord!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April 10, 2013 - I Love Wednesdays

Elders watching conference!

Another Elder Maestas!  How crazy is that??

Xavi studying
What's with sticking his tongue out?

I guess he's official at the MTC now!
Good thing since he's been there two weeks!

Me and my amigos

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Xavi's First Letter

Hey everyone! So this week has been super crazy. I made a huge list of questions and stuff i got so sorry if it sounds like I'm jumping around! Thanks so much for the birthday and Easter boxes! I love getting mail but at the same time it makes me kind of homesick! Don't worry i would much rather have the mail! I will definitely be sending some exercises shirts home and probably my towel, the micro fiber towel is great so ill probably just take that! I did my laundry and ironed all my shirts today for the first time! I'm pretty proud of myself! So the food here isn't that bad but it seems like we eat every 5 minutes, its actually every 5 hours but it really feels like too much. My roommates have had problems going to the bathroom and what not but I've been fine. So today we teach our 4th lesson in Spanish and I'm really not even nervous, its not that hard to get your point across and i kind of just review some words before we go into the lesson, i don't take anything in the lesson to help me but i still do pretty good! :P I can almost always understand everything that's being said which is really nice its just hard to know what to say and understand it all quick enough!

So Nate is in my district and is a really cool guy, I've gotten to know him pretty well and its awesome that were going together. Quinn is in another district and Ive only seen him like twice, hes weird though. So my district has 4 hermanas (sisters, thats what we have to call them) and 6 elders with me and my companion. Ill try to get a picture to you guys of us all if i can figure out this weird computer. I've seen Ryan a few times but if missionaries aren't in your district or zone, you never see them. So Ive just seen him in passing but he looks like hes doing good. A girl from Murray is in my zone though! Her name is Korrine Woodmansee, Mercedes probably knows who she is.

In my apartment theres me, elder Reinhart, Elder Harris and Elder Peterson ( my companion) Reinhart and Harris snore, Reinhart really loudly and so he bought us all ear plugs so we could sleep. This morning was our first time to the temple and i woke up at 5:30!!! it was so hard but i think ill get used to it eventually.. Its true that I am always SO tired but I have SO much to do and so you can't really stop! Ill try to send a picture of my schedule so you can see what I'm doing every day! All our classes are just with our district which is cool because were getting super close and its going to be fun. My whole district, except my companion, are all going to the same mission! Elder Peterson is going to Colombia. Its awesome because we know we'll see each other throughout our whole mission. I'm so glad i made it to P-day! I think after this i will be completely fine because the schedule doesn't change until your last week, which hopefully i wont be here for. On P day we have to wash our clothes, go to the dry cleaner, clean our room, email the president and just anything else to prepare. There really isn't a lot of time for yourself which kinda sucks.
Our presidency is actually alright, they really do care about us and you can tell, but they're also very strict. And since I'm the District Leader I'm the one who has to answer for other peoples stuff. Its rough to try to tell them all what to do even though I've been here the same amount of time, but thats alright, its what i have to do! Oh so they really did change it so that you can email for an hour on Pdays! thats so awesome, I was worried i wouldn't have time to read and respond to all my emails but with and hour thats not problem!

The Easter devotional was really cool and Sundays are way better than Sundays at regular church.. Its so funny though because in the main gym is where the speaker is and there are a bunch of overflow rooms, everyone like runs to the gym because they're hoping its an apostle or something but every time so far its just been a member of the 70 or a mission president. Their talks are all really good its just not what everyone expects, my district and I just go to the overflow and watch it because i mean...who cares that much, we still get to hear what he has to say!

In the moment here it seriously feels so long! every class feels like it drags and drags but now that its been a week i can't believe that Ive been here that long. Walking here I saw all the new missionaries coming in and that means that I'm not the new guy anymore! Its really cool and I would not want to redo being dropped off like that.. its rough! But I'm thankful for the missionaries here who do help out with everything. Hermana Woodmansee was helping me figure out the washers earlier, it was funny! Its hard being with other people 24/7, sometimes i don't want to be with them and it gets super annoying. But out of all the elders here.. i definitely got lucky with the guys in my district, the lord knew i couldn't take some of the other guys or something.. :P So on my B-day my district gave me a card and a snickers which was pretty awesome since i only knew them for a few days!

Tomorrow starts what i feel might be a long rest of the week but i am really excited to be able to be here for general conference! Its going to be awesome!

I just want to share real quick what I've really learned while I'm here, prayer is so important in everything you do. Through prayer you can get answers to anything you need to even if you think its something that isn't that important. We pray a million times a day and i can feel us being blessed with the things we ask!

Feel free to email me or send me a letter through! Ill respond as best i can! I Love you all and i hope to hear from you!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

As you know things change.   Xav did not receive his visa in time to go to the Lima, Peru MTC.  So, on Wednesday March 27, 2013 we dropped him off at the Provo MTC to start his mission and to wait for his visa.

Xavi saying goodbye to his favorite buddy, Kramer!

All packed up and ready to go!  

We had to say goodbye in the parking lot of Kneaders, after lunch, because we were warned, they just sweep them away at the MTC! 
Goodbye, Momma and Dad! 

Goodbye, Sisto!

Xav and Dad

Dad, Xav and Merceds

Arriving at the MTC and seeing all of the missionaries lined up, was the coolest thing! To see all of the boys who are dedicating their lives to serve the Lord!

Arriving at the MTC! 

Last Hug to Momma

 Last Hug to Dad

Alright Elder, Let's Go! 

Goodbye Elder Maestas, We'll See Ya In Two! 
He's Off!

Here are pictures from his first week in the MTC!

Sunday, March 31, 2013
I see he received his first easter package...

and his birthday package!  Happy "19th Birthday" Son!

Xav's first companion Elder Peterson.  Elder Peterson is going to serve in the Columbia mission.  He is the only Elder in the district that will not be going to Peru.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013
First trip to the Provo Temple
up by 5:30 a.m.
Elder Peterson, Elder Maestas, Elder Reinhart & Elder Harris

This is the group of Elders/Sisters that are in Xav's district.  Xavi is serving as the district leader.

The Hermana's (Sister's)

"Home Sweet Home"
A couple of the elders snore zzz so the first night they all laid awake until one of the elders said, "The first night of the next two years", and they all laughed because that was exactly what everyone was thinking!

So, we dropped Xavi off at 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 27th and then we waited.......
Finally, Saturday morning the mailman brought our first letter!  We were so excited to see how things were going.  We all sat around to hear what he had to say.  Mercedes said, "It's like Christmas"!  and it certainly was.  We read and reread and cried.  He was doing great!  The mtc was good, food was good and he was soooo busy.  He sent a copy of his schedule so that we could see what he was up to!  His spanish is coming along and he said that the spanish classes must have really helped because he was really picking it up.  On Friday, March 29, 2013, he taught his first lesson in Spanish!  Wow, I guess that spanish class helped. He said, he could understand, but it was hard to respond.  

See Ya In Two, Elder!

Xavi's friend, Tyler Liddiard, left the day before Xavi.  He is going to Bogota, Columbia!  
 Xavi and Tyler

Xavi, Mercedes and Tyler
(Mercedes and her two brothers)

Xavi and Derek

Elder Liddiard saying goodbye to Derek

Tyler left on Tuesday, March 26, and that was the day Xavi was set apart, and had to say goodbye for two to his friends.  

Derek, Marisa, and Taylor 

 Samantha, Mitch and Annie

 Sara, Sam and Kali

 Cody, Austin and Paul

 Zac and Xavi

 Xavi and Amy
(Amy helped Xavi survive seminary and was his Trek sister!)

Paul, Xav, Taylor and Cody

Xavi and Taylor

Xavi and Cody

Xavi and Paul

Xavi and Zac

 Xavi and Connor

Mitch and his buddy, Kramer

Group Hug! 

 Mitch's best buddies are leaving him! Poor Mitch! :(

 Xavi and Taylor

Annie, Xavi and Samantha

Handshakes for all the girls! 

 These kids have all been buddies since kindergarten! 

Xavi and Sam

Kali's Prime Moment :)

 Xav and Austin

Awh! Xav and Brady
 Xav and Mitch 

 Sam and Xavi

 See ya in two, buddy! Mitch and Xav

 Bear Hug from Derek

Christal and Xav
(We love Crunchy! She has been a part of our family for 3 years and she's a great support to Xavi!)