Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Xavi's First Letter

Hey everyone! So this week has been super crazy. I made a huge list of questions and stuff i got so sorry if it sounds like I'm jumping around! Thanks so much for the birthday and Easter boxes! I love getting mail but at the same time it makes me kind of homesick! Don't worry i would much rather have the mail! I will definitely be sending some exercises shirts home and probably my towel, the micro fiber towel is great so ill probably just take that! I did my laundry and ironed all my shirts today for the first time! I'm pretty proud of myself! So the food here isn't that bad but it seems like we eat every 5 minutes, its actually every 5 hours but it really feels like too much. My roommates have had problems going to the bathroom and what not but I've been fine. So today we teach our 4th lesson in Spanish and I'm really not even nervous, its not that hard to get your point across and i kind of just review some words before we go into the lesson, i don't take anything in the lesson to help me but i still do pretty good! :P I can almost always understand everything that's being said which is really nice its just hard to know what to say and understand it all quick enough!

So Nate is in my district and is a really cool guy, I've gotten to know him pretty well and its awesome that were going together. Quinn is in another district and Ive only seen him like twice, hes weird though. So my district has 4 hermanas (sisters, thats what we have to call them) and 6 elders with me and my companion. Ill try to get a picture to you guys of us all if i can figure out this weird computer. I've seen Ryan a few times but if missionaries aren't in your district or zone, you never see them. So Ive just seen him in passing but he looks like hes doing good. A girl from Murray is in my zone though! Her name is Korrine Woodmansee, Mercedes probably knows who she is.

In my apartment theres me, elder Reinhart, Elder Harris and Elder Peterson ( my companion) Reinhart and Harris snore, Reinhart really loudly and so he bought us all ear plugs so we could sleep. This morning was our first time to the temple and i woke up at 5:30!!! it was so hard but i think ill get used to it eventually.. Its true that I am always SO tired but I have SO much to do and so you can't really stop! Ill try to send a picture of my schedule so you can see what I'm doing every day! All our classes are just with our district which is cool because were getting super close and its going to be fun. My whole district, except my companion, are all going to the same mission! Elder Peterson is going to Colombia. Its awesome because we know we'll see each other throughout our whole mission. I'm so glad i made it to P-day! I think after this i will be completely fine because the schedule doesn't change until your last week, which hopefully i wont be here for. On P day we have to wash our clothes, go to the dry cleaner, clean our room, email the president and just anything else to prepare. There really isn't a lot of time for yourself which kinda sucks.
Our presidency is actually alright, they really do care about us and you can tell, but they're also very strict. And since I'm the District Leader I'm the one who has to answer for other peoples stuff. Its rough to try to tell them all what to do even though I've been here the same amount of time, but thats alright, its what i have to do! Oh so they really did change it so that you can email for an hour on Pdays! thats so awesome, I was worried i wouldn't have time to read and respond to all my emails but with and hour thats not problem!

The Easter devotional was really cool and Sundays are way better than Sundays at regular church.. Its so funny though because in the main gym is where the speaker is and there are a bunch of overflow rooms, everyone like runs to the gym because they're hoping its an apostle or something but every time so far its just been a member of the 70 or a mission president. Their talks are all really good its just not what everyone expects, my district and I just go to the overflow and watch it because i mean...who cares that much, we still get to hear what he has to say!

In the moment here it seriously feels so long! every class feels like it drags and drags but now that its been a week i can't believe that Ive been here that long. Walking here I saw all the new missionaries coming in and that means that I'm not the new guy anymore! Its really cool and I would not want to redo being dropped off like that.. its rough! But I'm thankful for the missionaries here who do help out with everything. Hermana Woodmansee was helping me figure out the washers earlier, it was funny! Its hard being with other people 24/7, sometimes i don't want to be with them and it gets super annoying. But out of all the elders here.. i definitely got lucky with the guys in my district, the lord knew i couldn't take some of the other guys or something.. :P So on my B-day my district gave me a card and a snickers which was pretty awesome since i only knew them for a few days!

Tomorrow starts what i feel might be a long rest of the week but i am really excited to be able to be here for general conference! Its going to be awesome!

I just want to share real quick what I've really learned while I'm here, prayer is so important in everything you do. Through prayer you can get answers to anything you need to even if you think its something that isn't that important. We pray a million times a day and i can feel us being blessed with the things we ask!

Feel free to email me or send me a letter through! Ill respond as best i can! I Love you all and i hope to hear from you!

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