Wednesday, May 15, 2013

1st Week in Peru :)

So the start of week 2 is diarrhea central!! hahahah i hope i don't really get sick though! It was so awesome to be able to talk to you on skype yesterday! It was really hard for me too but afterwards it made me feel alot better because i know that i can do it because i have so much support at home! Yes i do have a regular shower but we don't need a kitchen because we always eat at the pensions house! i'll send you a picture of that! We have a store next to our house and they pretty much have everything you need so don't worry about any of that! Its not the quality of stuff at home but at least we have it!! my address, i have no idea! oh and i can't figure out how to do a question mark  on this so yeah! I have no idea about the email thing, I'm hoping that it will change soon cause it sucks that everyone has to email through you or dad! actually I'm hearing that it might have just changed, i have no idea cause i can't read the long email from the president!!  I'm starting to adjust already, its really not that bad, its just a huge shock at first!! I will probably be here for 3 months, which is my whole time of training, but it could possibly just be the one transfer of 6 weeks!! Opening a new mission is hard because you have to find all new people, we already have baptismal dates as goals for our 5 investigators but its just hard learning to know the members, and all that! My companion really is cool! he is a great trainer and is easy to get along with! the dogs, eh we can just hit them with our books or rocks, or kick them, they aren't that bad except that try to come rub on you and stuff which they are just so dirty. I feel like my English is getting bad because i have to talk really simply with my companion in English so he can understand. in the room we only speak English so that i can teach him how to speak better!  i was wondering about the school! i hope its all good! I'm glad you love it, it sounds fun, i may be teaching English to little kids in church soon! that will be fun! 93 degrees holy crap!! its always just kinda warm here! it doesn't really change that much! Tell dad i love him too! oh the dear elders will probably take like a week so keep emailing so i can respond easier! I hope you don't worry about me too much! comfort Mercedes and dad and let them know i am fine!! I love you so much mom. 

Keegan and Xavi at the MTC on May 2, 2013

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