Sunday, June 16, 2013

Week 11

He sent this and said, "Terrible Huh"?

Peru Templo

Hola mom! Everyday is super busy it’s crazy! When we go to the temple it’s our whole zone! So 14 of us! It was really cool to be able to go back into the somewhat normal part of Peru! That’s cool about the pictures! I most likely won’t see Nate again after this transfer unless I get moved to huancayo! Oh yeah that could happen this week by the way so if I’m delayed on writing that’s why! Because it’s the last week of the cambio! Yeah our first baptism of a little girl is on Saturday so that will be pretty awesome! I’ll make sure she has all the stuff she needs! Her mom is having a party after the baptism which should be pretty cool! Hopefully we don’t die from the food! hahah! Yes I’m with elder Diaz but I think because we get along so well that this will be our last week! But we will see! I haven’t gotten the box yet but maybe tomorrow because Tuesday is when we get mail! hahah rabitto!!! He is our dog! He is really cool; dogs here know their houses like cats so he will walk with us all the way to the bus stop and all over the place! He got hit by a bus at some point we heard and he’s kind of coo coo but he’s nice, but really gross! He likes to fight other dogs so he’s all cut up and what not but eh it’s normal! Nasty dogs here seriously, the dogs native to here have no hair and they are disgusting!!! 

Yeah we always have those yellow potatoes! I told dad every lunch! For breakfast we have some meat with pan y some avocado! It’s pretty good! Usually something similar for cena! We eat a ton for lunch and then not so much for dinner, I’m used to it now! I’m getting a lot better with my stomach; I think I’m getting used to the food now! It’s nice. Yeah it’s rough to wake up that early for soccer but eh its fun! We don’t have any other time to play really! Well mom will try to send some pics and I hope you’re all having fun in Cali! I love you so much and thank you for everything!! Have a fun week! 


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